A project initiated through the Girl Scouts Gold Award
A project initiated through the Girl Scouts Gold Award
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The Mission of the DriveSafe Pledge

Our mission is to increase the awareness of the prevalence and danger of distracted driving among teens and other new drivers. The DriveSafe Pledge helps accomplish this by educating teens about their limitations as new drivers and how small mistakes made during distracted driving can impact the lives of others. We share stories of people and families who have had their lives changed by distracted driving and offer incentives to new drivers who decide to take the pledge and better equip themselves for safer driving.

As a new driver you can make a difference.

Gain Awareness. Make a Pledge. Spread the Word.

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Partners and Supporters of the DriveSafe Pledge Program

Helping Us Develop the Next Generation of Safe Drivers

AAA Washington

AAA Washington proudly partners with this pledge program to promote distraction-free driving.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

A project initiated through the Girl Scout Gold Award


This pledge program was developed with the help of WA State Transport Safety Commission and their resources.

WA Target Zero

This pledge program was developed with the help of WA Target Zero Coalition Team.

9-1-1 Driving School

Thank you 9-1-1 Driving School of Bellevue for offering a discount for pledge takers. Taking the DriveSafe Pledge will entitle each pledger to a promotional coupon for $5.00 off any driving lesson package or testing service at 911 Driving School - Bellevue, WA. You have to show your SafeDrive Pledge Certificate to claim the discount. Limit one use per person and certain products are excluded.

Huntington Learning Center

Thank you Huntington Learning Center for offering a discount for our pledge takagers. Taking the DriveSafe Pledge will entitle each pledger to a promotional 5% discount for any learning package offered at the Huntington Bothell Center. Pledgers have to show their Pledge Certificate to claim the discount. For additional information contact the center..

More Benefits Coming Soon

About Us

On October 1st, 2018, my sister I were on our way to our dance class with our nanny. Then the devastating moment happened. A car had collided into the right side of our car. I was shouting my sister’s name, as she remained still and I quickly became terrified that she was dead… fortunately everybody recovered from that near fatal accident even though our mental scars remain [Read full story here]. Since then, I work relentlessly on increasing awareness of road safety and helping kids who need help recovering from accidents and trauma.

Drive Safe pledge was started with a mission of helping new drivers understand the dangers of distracted driving and make them better prepared as they join roads all around as responsible drivers. This pledge is also helpful for experienced drivers to get reminded on the huge impact of distracted driving and people and families suffering from such an incident.

We are small team of student volunteers working on increasing the awareness of distracted driving and improving the road safety for all. If you believe you can make a change by contributing to this project, please get in touch with us.

– Ishika


Student Volunteers

Ishika Binu [Founder]


Ishika is a student at the Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA. Besides being a regular teenager she volunteers on many projects on helping accident and trauma victims.  She also founded Arts4Assistance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that harnesses the power of the performing arts to provide assistance for medical needs in underserved communities. Safe Drive is a pledge she started as a community project to increase the awareness of road safety among her friends and she further extended it as a pledge club for the benefit of all new drivers.

Rithika Binu


Rithika is currently a student at Odle Middle School in Bellevue, WA. Rithika indulges herself in various forms of arts. She loves to draw, paint, dance, and animate. After a personal experience in a car crash, she’s working passionately to decrease the number of lives impacted by distracted driving. Rithika joined our Safe Drive team to help spread awareness about road safety.

Dhanshika Vijayaraj


Dhanshika is currently a student at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, WA who also does Running Start at Bellevue College. In her free time enjoys dancing, watching tv, and coding. She joined this initiative because she wants to help make the community a safer environment for everyone.


Jennifer Reck-Allen


Jennifer Reck-Allen is the program manager at Girls Scouts of Western Washington. She has been involved with Safedrive club since the ideation of the project and guided us through the execution of the project.

Dr Pinky Agarwal


Dr Pinky Agarwal is a neurologist at Evergreen Health Center, Kirkland and is actively involved in adverse effects on cognition from brain trauma.She has been a guiding force for the execution of Safedrive project.

Officer Aliyyah Slade


Officer Aliyyah Slade was the first responder to the accident site when the car we were traveling met with the accident. She helped everybody not only at the site; but also was at the hospital emergency room. Her commitment and quality of service has been an inspiration for all of us to initiate this project.